A caravan mover is a caravan manoeuvring system consisting of two or four electric motors driving rollers that engage with the caravan tyres to move the caravan. They can move the caravan in any direction, forward, backwards, turn and even rotate on the spot (single axle vans). All this is controlled by a simple remote control. The drive rollers are engaged with the tyres to manoeuvre the caravan and disengaged when you are towing, they are powered from your caravan leisure battery.

Yes, all movers can be removed from your old caravan and transferred to your new one. You cannot swap a single axle model to a twin axle caravan and vice versa. If the caravans have different chassis you may need different brackets.

Caravan movers are not a one size fits all. Different caravans require different brackets, battery etc resulting in each quote being different

Yes, the PowrTouch carries a 5 year warranty and the Ewiks a 12 month warranty