About Us

WC Caravan Movers is a family run business that was started in 2008 after the owner, Pine Joubert, upgraded his caravan from a Palma to an Exclusive.  After the first camping trip with the Exclusive (and an injured back due to trying to maneuver it into a small campsite) he realized either the Exclusive goes or he needs to find an alternative to moving this heavy caravan.

After extensive research he came upon the PowrTouch caravan movers but found that there were no installers in the Cape Town area.  Thus, the business was born.

Over the years the business has expanded from just fitting the PowrTouch system on traditional caravans to also fitting the locally produced Ewiks mover system as well as other non-mover related product.

Something that has not changed however is Pine’s belief in professional and quality workmanship resulting in happy customers